Why God cares about our clothing


When it comes to clothing a lot of people ask themselves

“What is too much and what is too short?”


What am I living for?


What am I living for? What is my Purpose?
Nearly everyone of us ever asked this question. Well, how couldn’t we, if we’ve been told throughout our whole childhood how important it is to know the answer to the following question:
„What do you want to become when you grow up?“
A year from know I will have finished the A-Levels, but I still do not know the concrete answer to the question
„What do you want to become when you grow up?“.
But is finding the answer to question really that hard?

How To Keep Faith in Highschool/College


This is a message from me to all my fellow christians out there who also have to deal with one of the most challenging times of our lives, by saying this I mean – who would have thought it – Highschool or College.

I mean, honestly the struggle is real! Partys, alcohol, gossip, bad companions, …the list goes on and on. Not forgetting the really stressful exam periods. Some of us may also have jobs and other obligations besides school. Now, the question is:

How can I as a christian keep my faith strong in highschool/college? How can I not walk with the crowd? How to deal with unbelieving friends in general? How can I strengthen my private time with the Lord and spend more time with Him?

Finding + Fulfilling Your Purpose

Calling, Colours of Life, life, purpose

(Me imagining myself being on a stage, thousands of people screaming and applauding)

‘This is my purpose!’, I thought.

‘I just need to do it like her, so I’m gonna become just as successful as her.’, I thought.

This was the way I used to think of my purpose. Everything I saw were those kinda ‘perfect’ celebrities, those with more than 100 thousand to 2 million subscribers on platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Those nearly everyone looks up to. I wanted to be like them.